About Us

We started our operation in 2005. Then after we continuously provide a great service to our customers with customer satisfaction. Historically we focused on provide leading platform for various types of engineering plastic parts and products which are used in different type of industries for make product more perfect and more efficient with high stability.


ISO 9001:2015

Our Vision

High quality products is transforming our lives.

Our Mission

Build great products that accelerate every industrial experiences.

n:ow at UMA ENG.


High precise machinery for the The production of small, technical and medical technology parts which produce high accurate work and clean quality. Skilled worker make machinery more perfect.


We believe in advanced manufacturing technology which provide quality products with high sustainable load capacity and long lifespan. Great working environment make products more perfect.

Moulding material

One of the most important aspects of any product development using plastic injection molding is choosing the right material. Standard raw material gives strength, durability, flexibility and resistivity to products.

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Automated Moulding Machinery

We works with precise plastic products, so we need to use a precision machinery for manufacturing process. Along with precision, our machinery is fully automatic. So our machinery is able to maintain the quality of the product as well. Skilled worker make this machinery more efficient.

Work together requires trust

At uma engineering, we are completing 17 years in the plastic industries. We offers a well qualified, fully featured and fully technical infrastructure platform on the industries. A broad set of  best product quality, balanced product value and well delivery services that help us in growing rapidly.

What products do you need?

We love to talk about how our products can build business, commercialize products and solve the greater challenges together.


* Our objective is to empower business with more product and other product related services, and we continuously working on this.


Uma Engineering and its employees are leading a global transformation in the world of engineering technology. We modernize and simplify manufacturing processes to grow plastic business with high stability and more performance. With working high performance polymer related products, these products are first in a global transformation in the world of engineering plastic.


We continuously focus on bringing new technology and new products with use of high accurate machinery and skilled worker together into experiences and solutions that is deliver new value to our customers, and every process inside a business is being digitized continuously.


Thank you..

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