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What is Nylon Cage in Bearings

Uma Eng Team

June 14, 2021

What is Nylon Cage

Nylon cages, also known as bearing cage, ball bearing retainer or ball separator. Nylon cages separates the balls in bearing, maintain the balls symmetrical radial spacing and in most cases holds the balls and bearings together. We makes many types of moulded nylon cages. Which is used to  Reduces friction in bearing torque and it's suitable for high speeds. This type of cages is guide the balls on it's path.

Nylon cages made with use of a nylon material as engineering performance polymer. We use nylon material with glass fiber content, that's provide more rigidity and more capability of higher speed. Ball bearing retainer also available with different types of plastic material, various size and shapes. We mostly use nylon as material in ball bearing retainer or cages, which is provide more strength and stability. Which is reduce temperature, friction and provide long lifespan.


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