Custom Plastic Injection Molding for the Creation of High Quality and Durable Components

Under our Value Proposition “PLASTIC MOULDING”, Uma engineering has been supplying products and services that have been meeting your needs by empowering your workplace for a long time. Our line-up includes products and services portfolio, which is fully flexible and be tailored to meet your specific needs. Our network can provide you with our products and services at each corner.

Products overview

Uma Engineering manufacture types of engineering plastic related parts and product, which are used in various types of industries like bearing industries, automobile industries, textile industries etc... Types of innovative products helping us to grow faster and smoother.

These precise products are made from various engineering polymer like nylon 6-6, delrin, polypropylene (pp) etc... this materials are used as per products quality, products shape, size, sustainable load capacity, heat resistivity and life span of products.

Material overview

High performance polymer for making product, which gives proper function & strength to products. We likely use nylon for shape the product, it gives a high strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness to product. Also nylon is higher temperature resistant material, so product is able to resist high temperature directly.

Besides that, we use types of polymer for build the product, as per require condition and customer requirement, we also use master-batch raw material for shaping various colored parts and products based on requirement.


We’re not just for big business.

Products mould

In automobile & textile, we already manufacture various types of ball bearing cages, automotive parts, belt tensioner pulleys and castor wheel. Therefore our mouldshop has already developed moulds, which can meet your current requirement. We continuously build new mould for products which has different size, shape and precise quality with stabilization. Our accurate moulds make our products more perfect.

We provide service of manufacturing new mould as per customer requirement. So, let's make your own product with Uma Engineering now.

In mould, proper shrinkage allowance is most important things during mould manufacturing, so we make our mould as per product material, quality, size and shape. That's the change of environment has no effect on product. Collaboration of high-end computer software, help us in these entire process of mould manufacturing and accelerate manufacturing process.


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